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The Abdominal Muscles And Lower Back

Men have an innate weakness of the lower part of the peritoneum in comparison with women. Sometimes, when the pressure on the abdominal rectus muscles become too strong in connecting the jumper abdominals there is a gap. It may happen while lifting heavy weights, when you hold your breath.

Rupture of muscles of the abdominal cavity is called a hernia; however, the insides may be partially bulge outward. In serious cases, surgical intervention is necessary.

One of the ways to prevent hernias is to gradually exhale while lifting heavy projectile. This maintains the pressure in the abdominal cavity at a sufficiently high level to stabilize the movement, but not so much that there was a danger of tearing the muscle or tendon jumpers abdominals.

Like any other structure muscles/tendons, muscles, peritoneum susceptible to sprains. In such cases, recommended treatment anabol and prevention measures, as in normal muscle sprains.

Muscles - extensors of the back, as well as other lumbar muscles, can pull in an excessive load on that part of the body, especially during movement when it is subjected to hyperextension (barbell deadlifts), or at such exercises as the bench press or leg press, when your lower back off the bench. Some bending of the lower back is quite acceptable, but bending under load may lead to serious problems.

When you stretch the lower back you may feel shooting pain that is given in the muscles of the hips or middle back. Sometimes these muscles begin to contract involuntarily to prevent the worsening of injury.

When the load on the lower back it is also possible sprain of lumbar ligaments. It is often difficult steroid pharmacy to distinguish muscle strain from stretching ligaments, but in any case, the treatment is virtually the same.

Another injury the lower back is the gap or displacement of the intervertebral discs. The displacement of the cartilaginous discs can impinge upon nearby nerves, many extending from the backbone. In such cases, you feel pain in any part of the back or even shooting pain in the legs, but this pain is caused by the specific pressure of the intervertebral disc. To solve the problem needs a special massage, and in more severe cases, surgical intervention.

The special issue is sciatica. The sciatic nerve - the largest nerve of the body that extends from the back down the leg; in its denial of the pain can be very debilitating, depriving people of the opportunity to move.

Injuries to the lower back can be caused by exercises for the abdominals such as sit-UPS and leg lifts that place heavy loads on the lumbar. Bodybuilders, easily performing the deadlift or the slopes with a heavy barbell, sometimes surprised, receiving injuries to the lower back during the "easy" workout for abdominal.