Training With A Barrel


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Training With A Barrel

I started with the fact that they took a barrel on the chest - or rather, I TRIED to do it. Throw it up was not so difficult, but at the top of the movement, he bucked, hit my chest and bounced forward. I already intercepted her at the knees, paused, sighed deeply and tried again. With the same success. I tried again. This time I managed with a struggle to get her on the right shoulder.

EXCELLENT! Now I firmly kept that little monster on my right shoulder. How do I crank it over? I tried to swing the barrel back forward - unsuccessfully. Tried again - unsuccessfully. I threw her up and back and rolled his head on his back. The water in the barrel viciously splashed and pushed me forward. I almost fell on one knee and narrowly escaped click in order not to collapse face forward into the ground. I straightened up and tried to catch my breath.

By this time, after I began to fight with the barrel, it took about 60 seconds. I'm already quite tired.

I tried to squeeze up the barrel with the shoulders. She went up, but then the water rolled and twisted the barrel out of my hands and fell on my neck. I tried again. Again, failure. Another attempt - and this time I gathered all the forces which I have only remained. The barrel went up - up - then stopped, so that my hands lacked one quarter of stroke until the full straightening of hands at the elbows, I pushed her with all his strength up and my face turned purple, my powers here were on the wane - the barrel wasn't moving - I continued to squeeze - she never moved - and then, suddenly, the barrel swung again, came crashing down and hit me in the chest.

I grabbed at the hips and tried to hold her weight above the ground so I can try to pick it up again on shoulder and make another attempt to squeeze her up - cranked barrel but again, my tired fingers could not stand, and she with a mischievous splash in her womb collapsed on the grass.

I dropped to one knee in complete exhaustion - I could not even stand, bend or even move. Dizzy, the World went in circles before my eyes. My buddies about something talked, but their voices sounded muffled and unclear, like they used to say to me out of a deep dark well.

"Smart approach," said Bruce.

Each of us attacked the barrel as he could four times. Every attempt was like a battle - with animal rage we jumped on her, threw on his chest and desperately tried to shove her outstretched arms. But the barrel always comes out the winner. She was too "live", squeeze it over my head was impossible. Mocking us, she, like mercury, is not given literally in our hands.

In my final attempt I fought as could, and, after a Titanic struggle, almost squeezed has a barrel over your head, but when before full straightening of hands were only a few millimeters, she once again pulled back and broke from my hands to the ground. In this moment my vision darkened. I remember I turned to Ted and tried to grab his shoulder to not fall, but missed and fell face down there where it was over the garage. It dawned on me that half of my body lying on the roadway. I tried to crawl away, but couldn't move. In the end, I peremetnulsya two or three times through the side and ended up on the grass on the side of the road. I was lying on his back, gasping for air. I still couldn't stand up. I couldn't even move. The whole body is numb. My two Golden retrievers, Sam and Spencer watched the scene with undisguised interest. They must have thought I was with friends raise a piece of iron iskluchenie in order for them to amuse.

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