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Exercises To Train Weak Points

If your pectoralis muscles as if to disappear, when you raise your hands above your head, I recommend you to perform a series of presses with dumbbells on a flat bench, starting with an almost horizontal position to the presses from the shoulders. This gives the opportunity for full development, and your chest muscles look impressive even with arms raised or at the front of the demonstration of the biceps.

There are exercises to train the weak spots that you would never be performed during regular training, if not tried to overcome a particular problem. Therefore, I caution young bodybuilders blindly copying from champion training. Maybe your idol performs a motion at a special angle to correct for some shortcoming. If they think it is a standard movement and turn it into his usual routine, you can waste a lot of time and energy, not to mention the delay in development.

Even during training weak points can not completely neglect any other muscle or groups of muscles. However, you can reduce more info the number of exercises for strong areas and add additional exercises for the weak.

Some experts say that a person cannot increase the size of their chest after reaching a certain age. The limit is usually considered to be 25 years. Indeed, the tendon that connects the rib cage, it is easier to stretch in my youth, but I've seen so many bodybuilders older, which increased the size of their chest that can't believe it. It is only a matter of time, effort and patience - like everything else in bodybuilding.

And finally, don't forget about the various techniques that increase the intensity of your workout for accelerated development click here of the lagging muscle. Chuck Sipes loved to perform bench according to the method of drop. He started with rods weighing 400 pounds, doing as many reps as I could, and then ask your partner to remove the discs from the neck to continue the exercise with less weight. You can also use forced reps, the method of "rest/pause, movement by three quarters, sliding series, and in other ways, forcing the muscles to grow faster.

I especially like the idea of "heavy days" for maximum muscle development pectorally. Once a week I usually trained chest with a particularly heavy projectiles, so the maximum number of repetitions does not exceed 5-6: breeding hands with 100-pound dumbbells, presses on a flat bench with a barbell weighing 365 pounds and heavyweight (450 lbs) bench presses to develop mass and density pectorally muscles.

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