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Methane, the scheme of reception


Methane is the reduced word of anabolic steroid, the true name of preparation - methandrostenolone, probably each athlete who accepts steroids twoguysgranadahills begins with this steroid. Athletes in the hall have so got used to call it, the name of preparation long and is hard said.

This anabolic steroid is very popular, because of the fact that it cheap and yields not bad result. Methane is considered one of the cheapest steroids, its price of 4-5 dollar.

The preparation is issued in tablets on 5 milligrams packaging of 100 pieces or in bank of 300 pieces.

Thisanabolic steroidwas very popular earlier, others then were not possible to be got.

If you go to gym, I think more than once heard the phrase: And where it is possible here to get methane, and you can get to me it? As you can see this steroid is very popular.

From minuses it is very toxic, gives big load of liver, also after the end of its reception the gained weight sharply falls, all this is explained by the fact that methane does big delay of water, and after the end of its reception water comes out organism. From side effects there can be pain in testicles, bloody allocation together with sperm, well and acne rash.

At one of this preparation even at high doses does not cause strong side effects, and at others even from dose of 20 mg begin side effects.

After the end of reception of preparation I recommend more info to make cleaning of the liver by means of karsil, Essentiale and other similar drugs.

This preparation very old it was begun have invented in the USA in 1956 and called it Dianabol (other name of methane). It is better to refuse reception of this preparation because of its strong toxicity, and to accept injection steroids they are less toxic, good replacement Andriol it will be not so toxic.


And if you have decided to accept it and not to overpersuade you in it here


Scheme of reception of methane:


Methane take 4-5 pill a day (1 tablet = 5 mg), it is the best of all to accept it in the morning with 8 to 9 and after lunch about 18 hours, at that time in organism most the content of testosterone in blood.

There are schemes of reception of steroid each 3-4 hours, but she not effective, because of such scheme organism very quickly gets used to preparation, but also gain many side effects.

Also it is not necessary to increase smoothly loading of reception of methane on system of pyramid and to smoothly do escaping - for such way it is possible to lower production of own testosterone which develops organism (testicles and adrenal glands).

The maximum time of reception of methane 3 - 4 weeks then you do break and you clean the liver.


The notealways before reception of steroid know all about it well and then accept it!

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