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Methane, the scheme of reception

the systematic application of physical exercises


Pharmacotherapy of sports and medical pathology

WIt is believed that drugs of plant and animal origin are in the body follows.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the need for the use of a drug or a combination thereof should be based on a strictly individual approach to each athlete according to his personal qualities, the actual functional state and the specific problems to be solved at some point or another preparatory or competition period and should only contribute to creating the conditions for optimal and effective implementation of the tasks of the athlete.

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When irrational arrangement of sports activities under the influence of short-term or long-term over-training and competitive load in the body of an athlete can develop prepathological status and pathological changes. These conditions are often treated as an independent disease. However wise to consider acute and chronic physical stress is not an independent disease, and etiological factors causing the development of the body prepathological states and pathological changes.

The electoral defeat of various organs and systems in acute and chronic physical strain, apparently due to the complex acquired and congenital properties of the organism. We can assume that primarily affects the organs and systems of the body, which for various reasons are the link of least resistance or more high-intensity operations.

Condition defined as an acute physical stress develops in athletes when competitive or training load exceeds their functionality.

Chronic physical overexertion in athletes is developed as a result of long-term physical and emotional stress. It happens when the forced training and training with higher loads, if athletes use them without adequate preparation. Steroids worldwide.

Essential in the occurrence of acute and chronic physical stress have an abnormality in the life, work, rest, sleep and nutrition, physical and mental trauma, intoxication of foci of chronic infection, training on the background of a disease or in a state of convalescence after the disease (often all flu, sore throat, acute respiratory disease). All of these factors reduce the body's tolerance to physical and emotional stress, and therefore the usual training and competition load may be excessive. A similar situation may occur during training in the midlands without prior acclimatization and in unusual sports. Acute and chronic physical stress in athletes can develop at any time during the training cycle: preparation, competition, transition. However, at the beginning of the training season, in the preparatory period due to insufficient trenirovannostju athletes, there are prerequisites for the development of acute physical stress. Chronic physical stress is more often observed in the main period of training, when the level of fitness of the athletes is quite high.