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The systematic application of physical exercises

The systematic application of physical exercises leads to a pronounced increase of adaptation of the organism to changing environmental conditions (in particular, physical activity), increasing the functional capacity of the musculoskeletal system, systems of respiration, circulation, etc. the fitness of the organism contributes to the reduction or disappearance of subjective anabolic steroids uk symptoms of the disease, significantly improves physical status and health of patients.

In addition to a tonic impact, exercise also directional action, stimulating mainly the function of certain organs and systems: for example, the exercises in the large joints of the lower limbs, torso twists, exercises for abdominal muscles increase peristalsis. Wide use in practice, for example in the preoperative preparation of the patient, breathing exercises leads to an improvement of respiratory function, drainage of cavities in the lungs, strengthen respiratory muscles the major.

An important feature of the stimulating effects of exercise therapy is its positive impact on the emotional sphere of the patient. Physical exercise, outdoor games contribute to the removal of a kind of mental brake, do not allow the patient to "go into a disease", develop confidence and a favorable outcome of the disease. Often only the fact of appointment of exercise therapy to critically ill patients has a clear positive impact on their psyche. It should be noted the fact that among other means of stimulating or tonic action of physical exercises have certain advantages that lie in their physiological and adequacy, flexibility (a wide range of physical exercise), the absence of negative side effects (at the correct dosage and rational methods of practice), the possibility of long use that has no limits, going from lechebnogo in preventive and health-promotion.

Trophic action of physical exercises. One of the mechanisms of physiological regulation of tissue metabolism are the trophic reflexes. Trophic function of the different divisions of the CNS, including the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamus. It is known that implementation of any Nida nervous activity - from simple reflex buy anabolic steroids in uk act to complex forms of behavior - is associated with changes in the level of metabolic processes, especially in those cases when the Executive acts as the effector mechanism of the locomotor apparatus. The information coming from proprio-zatorov last, has a high level of trophic Influence on all organs, including cells of the nervous system.