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the systematic application of physical exercises


Weightlifting push dangerous
TRUTH: push-lifter can be dangerous.
Whenever I recommend that women be included in your training program movements of weightlifting, I have to deal with the objections in the spirit of "No way, it's too dangerous!" Yes, you can hurt yourself if you hang on the bar too much weight and attempt Complete the exercise with improper technique, but the same can be said of the curl.

No matter how experienced you are, it is always interesting to try something new and expand their knowledge. Further, I am not saying that it is necessary now to hang wheels on the bar and run to perform the above exercise, but if you are really interested in doing lifting barbell over his head or chest, take to begin handle of a mop or a PVC pipe and perform the movement with them. If you feel that this is a movement in which you would like to succeed, get a coach or ask someone more experienced to help you. You may wonder to yourself.

Weight training makes a woman masculine

TRUTH: Weight training build muscle and burn fat.

Countless studies have confirmed the fact that women who engage in weight training, stronger, leaner and healthier than those of her sex who do not. What specifically will you hard training, it depends on the characteristics of your body and your genetics. Even in the world of fitness female figures vary widely: from muscular Dana Linn Bailey and athletic Camila Leblank-Bazinet to slim India Paulino. Each of these women are using weight-training to create the desired body type.

The difference in body types derive from the characteristics of genetics, nutrition, exercise types, the volume of training load, intensity and size of the working weights that they use in their training programs. As well as the above-mentioned women, you need this training protocol that best suits your style of work and how it is you want to look in the future.

Women should not use creatine.

TRUTH: Your body produces creatine itself

People who are not familiar with the natural chemical processes arising in the body, creatine may seem scary substance used only huge bodybuilders. In fact, creatine is an important part of the process of formation and use of energy in the body. This is the most important source of energy for short, high-intensity exercise. Your body is already producing it, but if you exercise regularly with weights several times a week, it may be that you it can not be missed. Studies have found that the use of creatine supplements can support lean muscle mass and increase efficiency in training. The only side effect is a slight delay in the liquid that occurs due to the fact that the muscles are able to hold more water and thus increase in volume.